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Pastor Peter Olaniran

Pastor Peter began his working career for National Cash Register (NCR) based in Nigeria. He later moved to the United Kingdom to further his studies in Computer Technology. Pastor holds a post graduate degree in management from the South Bank University, London.

Pastor Peter Olaniran is a highly accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience working with a major business applications software house. He is a software consultant by profession; business person by choice and an advocate of God by calling.

In 1990; Pastor Peter Olaniran began his ministry and under the foster ship, mentorship and training of Bishop Dr. Olufemi Odubonojo (General Superintendent –CDM Worldwide). Pastor Peter is one of the pioneering pastors of Christ’s Disciples Mission (CDMI) International based in London a ministry that recently celebrated 24 years in the vineyard of God.

With the mandate of good news to go to all nations; Pastor Peter has been instrumental to opening of several branches of CDMI all over the world. Pastor Peter was hightly instrumentat to the star-up of former CDM’s branches CDMI Harlesden and Luton). In God’s time Pastor Peter recently launched CDMI Atlanta.

Pastor Peter a has brought incredible hope through deliverance and prayer via his Tower of Prayer(TOP) prayerline to all his listeners in Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States echoing the living word of God, His prayer line has caused many to reconsider Christ and accept the message of salvation. His vision is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ by taking the message of salvation to all peoples of the world.

Pastor Peter has an evangelist and operates in the area of healing and deliverance for which many testify.

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