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Pastor Bunmi Olaniran

Pastor Bunmi has decided to glorify God in her personal life history. Born and raised in Nigeria with humble beginning. She has Bachelor’s Degree in History and Master’s Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from University of Ibadan.

She also attended Operation Joshua School from Sword of the Spirit Christ life Ministries amongst others.

Pastor Bunmi has had encounter with God severally but did not believe she could be used of God even though it was also confirmed severally by prominent men and women of God.

She is a prayer warrior by calling, a devoted wife and a caring mother by nature. Pastor Bunmi is passionately devoted to outreach and caring for people, especially those in need. Pastor Bunmi has a passion to help nurture Adolescents and equip them for the reality of the life ahead with Biblical principle.

Currently Pastor Bunmi works for an established ecommerce Company as a Quality Assurance Testing manager. Pastor Bunmi teaches on the depths of mercies and the love of God as a living proof of the faithfulness of our Lord God, that has no bounds.

She extends a ray of hope to women who have been abused and rejected because with God there are no casts away for those that believe

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